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  • SCADA and the super serial ports.

    If your management duties include a SCADA system, then maybe you should have a look at this Slashdot article. The presentation mentioned is here.

    For a little background, HD Moore is part of Rapid7. When I say part, I mean Chief Security Officer and kind of a big deal. Rapid7 and Mr. Moore are well known in computer security circles for software such as Metasploit. The man knows computer security. He puts on an excellent presentation. I was fortunate enough to see his presentation on Acoustic Intrusions at Derbycon.

  • Hotmail on the Motorola Milestone X

    So I am among the smartphone crowd now. A Motorola Milestone X is my carpel tunnel-er of choice. Here is what I did to get Hotmail working on the phone with IMAP type functionality.

    Bring up your apps and go to “My Accounts”. Click “Add account”. Click “Corporate Sync”. Username is your username with “@whatever”. The username must be preceded by a backslash “\”. This was my problem the first couple of times I tried to get this to work. Email address is self explanatory. Server is m.hotmail.com. I call mine “Hotmail”. I have “use secure connection” and “verify certificate” checked. One month is the max you can sync. Click ok and viola! New life is breathed into that old account.

    I never thought I would enjoy messaging on a screen barely over 4″, but I have to say I enjoy this device so far.

    Android makes it pretty easy to sync google calendar with the phone. I was pleasantly surprised to find that KDE makes it easy to sync Korganizer and Kontact with google calendar as well.

    Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope you found what you were looking for. Message me if the urge strikes you. Thank you goes to Benjamin at thesearethedroids.com