Mete the Day

     The bright things are how we mete out the day. That and the dark. They mark time as surely as any instrument that ticks. “What happened today?” “Let’s see!” I talked to you. You talked back. What did we say? I don’t know. Some combination we’ve both spoken before. After all, we are not making up words anymore. We are getting to know each other. This is a special, magical time! What is she like? Does she enjoy a nice tomato sandwich with crusty, thick bread toasted just right with mayo and some fresh pepper? Peanut butter and jelly? Loves books! I’m sold!

     Not you are not. That is a simpleton’s answer. I want to sell. And I’m buying. Danger, dummy. You be cool. (See how we lose track?) Will she appreciate your dark and odd sense of humor? The goofy humor that always surfaces when the nerves strike? What part is true, what part is a hedge, a “I like you but I don’t trust you with that yet” answer. Smart. Guarded. My secret worry is that I am too big a fool for anyone to take seriously. Why write it? Why write it when you know you want her to read it? Haha. Vulnerability! Sensitivity! See how I can feel and share. Get back on track, man. She ain’t falling for that. This ain’t no picnic. No smoke and mirrors. This is honesty and friendship over time. Getting to know you. Getting to know me, because we are still learning us, aren’t we, precious?

The bright things are what mark the day. That and the dark. Saw the cutest little dog. Stubbed my toe. It goes round and round, does it not? I think so. I wouldn’t have it any other way. You wouldn’t either, right? Ups are high because downs are low. I want you to read this. Know me.

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